breaking beyond bitch barriers

I’ve always been a perfectionist, the bad sort.  The sort that will half ass an effort after they realize their immaculate vision cannot come to fruition.  That is, if they haven’t already walked away from it.  This frustrates me beyond description however, I’m gonna try and pry my way out of this pathetic cage I incessantly fall into… starting with this blog.

I am already second guessing and doubting myself.  Control-shift-home Delete beckons, but tonight that bastard’s cries will fall upon deaf ears.

I have been told that I should write, ironically, one of the things I feel least confident in.  My grammar is often times atrocious, and my style can come across as sloppy or random.  However, I AM expressively creative, commonly humorous and every so often I surprise myself with a bit of dazzling wordplay.  So I’m giving this a go.  I am trudging forward through the mire of my own self doubt with reckless abandon, not just with writing, but with all my efforts.  I can only hope that whatever I leave in my wake will turn a couple heads, crack a few smiles, or inspire.


~ by psylynt on April 6, 2010.

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